Trencin Squad 2017/2018

This is the current Trencin squad - click on any of the Trencin squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Trencin player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Trencin squad list, please contact us.

Trencin Transfers In 2017/2018

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
D. JancoGornik Zabrze01-07-2017Unknown
Peter CogleySpartak Trnava01-09-2017Free
D. RolinecNové Mesto01-07-2017Unknown
E. PrekopInter Milan01-07-2017Unknown
Tomas SalataInter Milan01-07-2017Unknown
M. OpatovskýInter Milan01-07-2017Unknown
Matej VozarInter Milan01-07-2017Unknown
Ricky van HaarenFC Dordrecht01-07-2017Unknown
Hamza CatakovicFK Sarajevo15-06-2017Unknown
E. MikešMosta FC15-05-2017Unknown
Keston JulienJabloteh10-02-2017Unknown
Antonio ManceNK Domzale08-02-2017Unknown
Giorgi BeridzeGent U1901-01-2017Unknown

Trencin Transfers Out 2017/2018

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Aliko BalaZulte Waregem19-01-2017Unknown
D. JancoGornik Zabrze20-01-2017Loan
Samuel Kalu OjimGent04-01-2017Unknown
Reuben Shalu GabrielKuPS06-03-2017Unknown
Cong HuangLeixoes SC07-07-2017Unknown
E. MikešNové Mesto04-08-2017Unknown
E. PrekopInter Milan28-07-2017Loan
D. JancoPoprad28-07-2017Loan
M. KloosterInter Milan27-07-2017Unknown
U. AdekunleTatran16-07-2017Loan
M. UdehTatran16-07-2017Loan
D. RichtárechFK Senica11-07-2017Unknown
D. RolinecSl. Šimonovany08-07-2017Unknown
L. JohnsonTelstar01-07-2017Unknown
J. JánošíkLiptovský09-03-2017Unknown
D. RolinecNové Mesto01-03-2017Loan
Matej VozarInter Milan28-02-2017Loan
J. KetPandurii09-02-2017Unknown
J. DiksGVVV26-01-2017Free
Aliko BalaZW19-01-2017Unknown

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