FC Chiasso Squad 2021/2022

This is the current FC Chiasso squad - click on any of the FC Chiasso squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that FC Chiasso player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest FC Chiasso squad list, please contact us.

FC Chiasso Squad

FC Chiasso Squad: Goalkeepers

FC Chiasso Squad: Defenders

FC Chiasso Squad: Midfielders

FC Chiasso Squad: Forwards

FC Chiasso Transfers In 2021/2022

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Z. HamadiAC Milan31-08-2017Unknown
D. CharlierCaen01-07-2017Unknown
B. FeratiFC Sion23-02-2017Loan
N. NilovicFC Thun01-01-2017Unknown
M. CinquiniNea Salamis13-01-2017Free
P. UdohJuventus01-07-2017Loan
Alhassane SoumahJuventus01-07-2017Loan
Y. Bnou MarzoukJuventus25-01-2017Loan
B. MartignoniFC Lugano28-07-2017Loan
F. RussoFC Lugano27-07-2017Loan
A. ReyFC Lugano27-07-2017Unknown
O. UrbanoFC Lugano11-07-2017Free
A. CeesayFC Lugano10-07-2017Free
S. BelomettiFC Lugano02-07-2017Unknown
D. CvetkovicFC Lugano01-07-2017Unknown
G. FranzeseFC Lugano01-07-2017Free
Nicolae MilinceanuZimbru Chisinau14-11-2017Unknown
Thomas CandeloroBenevento01-07-2018Unknown
Y. GuerchadiFC Lugano01-01-2018Unknown
Elia AlessandriniBSC Young Boys01-07-2018Loan
Robin AdamczykFC Basel01-07-2018Free
Ivan LuratiFC Sion01-07-2018Loan
A. PadulaFC Lugano09-07-2018Unknown
Stefano GuidottiFC Lugano01-07-2018Loan
Rai VloetNAC Breda23-07-2018Unknown
Adonis AjetiFC St Gallen19-07-2018Loan
N. MilosavljevicFC Sion11-01-2019Loan
Carlo ManiconeFC Lugano23-01-2019Loan
Alexander MuciFC Lugano10-07-2019Loan
Mickael AlmeidaFC Sion11-07-2019Unknown
H. EpitauxFC Sion10-07-2019Unknown
Robin Marc HuserFC Basel01-07-2019Unknown
Stefan WolfLucerne08-07-2019Loan
F. DixonFC Zurich01-07-2019Unknown
Noah BlasucciFC Sion30-08-2019Unknown
L. KryeziuFC Lugano21-08-2019Loan
L. JacotLucerne17-09-2019Loan
Izer AliuFC Zurich21-01-2020Loan
M. SifneosPanathinaikos21-07-2020Free
Daniel PavlovicFC Lugano30-01-2021Unknown

FC Chiasso Transfers Out 2021/2022

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Thomas FeketeBSC Young Boys01-07-2017Unknown
V. SimicFC Basel01-07-2017Unknown
I. GuiVitoria Guimaraes01-07-2017Unknown
B. FeratiFC Sion01-07-2017Unknown
Nikola MilosavljevicFC Sion14-01-2017Unknown
Ivan LuratiFC Sion11-01-2017Unknown
S. BelomettiFC Lugano01-07-2017Unknown
Đ. ŠušnjarFC Lugano01-01-2017Unknown
Alhassane SoumahJuventus01-07-2018Unknown
F. RussoFC Lugano01-07-2018Unknown
B. MartignoniFC Lugano01-07-2018Unknown
Thomas CandeloroBenevento13-01-2018Loan
J. KrasniqiFC Lugano16-01-2018Unknown
E. AbediniFC Lugano01-04-2018Unknown
K. FatkicFC Thun01-07-2018Free
A. CeesayFC Lugano01-07-2018Unknown
Stefano GuidottiFC Lugano01-07-2019Unknown
Elia AlessandriniBSC Young Boys01-07-2019Unknown
Carlo ManiconeFC Lugano01-07-2019Unknown
Z. JosipovicBeroe21-06-2019Free
D. BrivioChievo25-07-2019Free
Alexander MuciFC Lugano20-08-2019Unknown
Stefan WolfLucerne01-07-2020Unknown
V. PuglieseLokomotiv Plovdiv10-02-2020Free
Izer AliuFC Zurich01-08-2020Unknown
Joaquin Matias Ardaiz de los SantosFC Lugano19-08-2020Unknown
S. DoldurFC Sion01-08-2020Free
G. GamarraSlaven30-01-2021Unknown
C. NzilaCSKA Sofia15-06-2021Loan

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