FC Vaduz Squad 2021/2022

This is the current FC Vaduz squad - click on any of the FC Vaduz squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that FC Vaduz player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest FC Vaduz squad list, please contact us.

FC Vaduz Squad

FC Vaduz Squad: Goalkeepers

FC Vaduz Squad: Midfielders

FC Vaduz Squad: Forwards

FC Vaduz Transfers In 2021/2022

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
M. GajicBSC Young Boys01-07-2017Unknown
Sherko KareemGrasshoppers19-07-2017Loan
E. SchirinziFC Thun10-07-2017Free
M. DevicFC Rostov08-08-2017Free
Ali MessaoudNEC01-07-2017Unknown
B. BabicFC St Gallen17-03-2018Loan
Andreas HirzelHSV01-07-2018Free
Noah BlasucciFC St Gallen20-07-2018Unknown
Boris ProkopicSCR Altach04-01-2019Free
Cedric GasserFC St Gallen01-07-2019Unknown
Dominik SchwizerFC Thun01-07-2019Unknown
Yannick SchmidLucerne01-07-2019Unknown
M. Di GiustoFC Zurich01-07-2020Free
J. SchmiedBSC Young Boys21-08-2020Unknown
L. ObexerBSC Young Boys23-10-2020Unknown
K. IodiceGrasshoppers28-01-2021Unknown

FC Vaduz Transfers Out 2021/2022

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Albion AvdijajGrasshoppers01-07-2017Free
Caleb StankoSC Freiburg01-07-2017Unknown
Moreno CostanzoFC Thun31-08-2017Unknown
Ali MessaoudExcelsior01-07-2017Free
Simone GrippoReal Zaragoza01-07-2017Free
Stjepan KukuruzovicFC St Gallen01-07-2017Free
G. ContiniFC St Gallen04-05-2017Unknown
Pascal SchurpfLucerne28-02-2017Unknown
Ali MessaoudNEC02-01-2017Loan
Sherko KareemGrasshoppers01-07-2018Unknown
B. BabicFC St Gallen01-07-2018Unknown
Robin KamberGrasshoppers01-07-2018Free
Axel BorgmannVVV10-08-2018Free
Noah BlasucciFC Sion21-01-2019Free
Andreas HirzelFC Thun01-07-2019Unknown
I. TadicSC Kriens01-07-2019Free
Nicolae MilinceanuPAS Giannina15-01-2021Free

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