FC Thun Squad 2020/2021

This is the current FC Thun squad - click on any of the FC Thun squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that FC Thun player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest FC Thun squad list, please contact us.

FC Thun Transfers In 2020/2021

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Elia AlessandriniBSC Young Boys01-07-2017Loan
Nicolas BurgyBSC Young Boys08-02-2017Loan
Silvano SchappiFC Lugano27-09-2017Loan
Moreno CostanzoFC Vaduz31-08-2017Unknown
Gianluca FrontinoFC Winterthur23-08-2017Unknown
Nicola SutterFC Winterthur03-03-2017Unknown
Marvin SpielmannFC Wil 190027-02-2017Unknown
C. TrachselRapperswil02-10-2017Unknown
–. NikolicFC Basel11-01-2018Loan
Sven JossBSC Young Boys16-01-2018Unknown
D. SchwizerRapperswil16-01-2018Unknown
Gregory KarlenFC Sion11-01-2018Loan
R. HuserFC Basel28-03-2018Loan
K. FatkicFC Chiasso01-07-2018Free
I. MarkovicNaters01-07-2018Unknown
B. StillhartFC Wil 190001-07-2018Free
D. SalanovicRapperswil01-07-2018Unknown
Omer DzonlagicSC Kriens01-07-2019Unknown
M. CastromanBSC Young Boys01-07-2019Free
N. HeftiFC St Gallen01-07-2019Free
Diego BerchtoldFC Lausanne-Sport01-07-2019Free
Saleh ChihadehSC Kriens01-07-2019Free
N. HavenaarFC Wil 190001-07-2019Unknown
Andreas HirzelFC Vaduz01-07-2019Unknown
Simone RappFC Lausanne-Sport01-07-2019Loan
Ridge MunsyGrasshoppers01-08-2019Unknown
Boureima Hassane BandeAjax27-01-2020Loan
Nicolas HaslerSporting Kansas City14-01-2020Unknown
Leonardo BertoneCincinnati13-01-2020Unknown
Roy GelmiVVV30-06-2020Unknown
M. BreitenmoserFC Schaffh13-03-2020Unknown

FC Thun Transfers Out 2020/2021

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Christian FassnachtBSC Young Boys01-07-2017Unknown
Marco BurkiBSC Young Boys01-07-2017Unknown
Gianluca FrontinoFC Aarau18-09-2017Unknown
Norman PeyrettiFC Aarau15-09-2017Unknown
J. GeissmannFC Lausanne-Sport19-07-2017Unknown
C. TrachselRapperswil12-07-2017Loan
E. SchirinziFC Vaduz10-07-2017Free
Gianluca FrontinoFC Winterthur02-07-2017Loan
M. HauswirthMŁnsingen01-07-2017Free
A. RawylerFC Biel-Bienne01-07-2017Unknown
L. ZinoM Petah Tikva01-07-2017Free
Nicolas SchindelholzLucerne01-07-2017Free
C. LeiteKosova Vushtrri01-07-2017Unknown
N. NilovicFC Chiasso01-01-2017Unknown
L. ZinoMaccabi Petah Tikva01-07-2017Free
Nicolas BurgyBSC Young Boys01-07-2018Unknown
Simone RappFC Lausanne-Sport16-01-20181M €
Gregory KarlenFC Sion01-07-2018Unknown
R. HuserFC Basel01-07-2018Unknown
Sandro LauperBSC Young Boys01-07-2018Unknown
Felix HornungBreitenrain01-07-2018Unknown
Omer DzonlagicSC Kriens11-01-2019Loan
Mickael FacchinettiApoel29-01-2019Unknown
Marvin SpielmannBSC Young Boys01-07-2019Unknown
Moreno CostanzoFC St Gallen01-07-2019Free
Dominik SchwizerFC Vaduz01-07-2019Unknown
Nuno Filipe Da SilvaFC Winterthur01-07-2019Loan
Dejan SorgicAuxerre24-07-2019Unknown
I. MarkovicSpiez08-08-2019Free
Roy GelmiVVV31-01-2020Loan

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