Trofense Squad 2021/2022

This is the current Trofense squad - click on any of the Trofense squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Trofense player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Trofense squad list, please contact us.

Trofense Squad

Trofense Squad: Goalkeepers

Trofense Squad: Defenders

Trofense Squad: Midfielders

Trofense Squad: Forwards

Trofense Transfers In 2021/2022

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Bernardo MartinsLeixoes SC02-08-2017Loan
Alexandre CardosoVitoria Setubal10-08-2017Unknown
Bruno MessiEstoril Praia03-01-2019Unknown
Luís SantosBoavista01-02-2021Loan

Trofense Transfers Out 2021/2022

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Diogo FirminoMaritimo01-07-2017Unknown
Rui LiBraga03-07-2017Unknown
Pedro MatosBraga31-01-2017Unknown
Alexandre CardosoVitoria Setubal01-07-2017Unknown
Cléber PradoVitoria Setubal01-07-2017Unknown
Anderson ZangãoAves01-07-2017Unknown
Luís CortezVitoria Setubal02-07-2018Unknown
João PedroVitoria Guimaraes01-07-2019Unknown
Luís SantosBoavista03-08-2021Unknown

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