FC Fredericia Squad 2021/2022

This is the current FC Fredericia squad - click on any of the FC Fredericia squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that FC Fredericia player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest FC Fredericia squad list, please contact us.

FC Fredericia Squad

FC Fredericia Squad: Goalkeepers

FC Fredericia Squad: Defenders

FC Fredericia Squad: Midfielders

FC Fredericia Squad: Forwards

FC Fredericia Transfers In 2021/2022

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
A. NyboHobro IK01-07-2017Free
A. HolvadHobro IK01-07-2017Free
PiscuAGF Aarhus03-08-2017Unknown
Mikkel Hedegaard ChristensenSonderjyskE30-01-2018Loan
Victor Torp OvergaardFC Midtjylland02-07-2018Loan
S. Buch JensenFC Midtjylland02-07-2018Loan
J. JacobsenOB Odense10-07-2018Unknown
M. JamesFC Midtjylland02-07-2018Loan
Chuma AneneKairat Almaty04-09-2018Unknown
N. KirkFC Midtjylland25-07-2019Loan
Martin MikkelsenHobro IK01-08-2019Unknown
Elias Rafn OlafssonFC Midtjylland11-08-2020Loan
C. JensenFC Midtjylland11-08-2020Loan
H. UzochokwuFC Midtjylland11-09-2020Loan

FC Fredericia Transfers Out 2021/2022

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Benjamin HansenNordsjaelland17-08-2017Unknown
Thomas Korsgaard MikkelsenOB Odense01-07-2017Free
Mathias Hebo RasmussenLyngby28-06-2017Free
Mikkel Hedegaard ChristensenSonderjyskE01-07-2018Unknown
Frans Dhia PutrosHobro IK01-01-2018Free
B. McGrathEsbjerg01-07-2018Unknown
A. NordvikOdd Grenland15-08-2018Free
Victor Torp OvergaardFC Midtjylland01-07-2019Unknown
S. Buch JensenFC Midtjylland01-07-2019Unknown
Chuma AneneFC Midtjylland01-01-2019Unknown
V. DawaFC Midtjylland01-01-2020Unknown
N. KirkFC Midtjylland01-01-2020Unknown
H. UzochokwuFC Midtjylland01-08-2020Unknown
J. JacobsenAC Horsens01-08-2020Free
C. JensenFC Midtjylland01-07-2021Unknown

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