AaB Squad 2019/2020

This is the current AaB squad - click on any of the AaB squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that AaB player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest AaB squad list, please contact us.

AaB Transfers In 2019/2020

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Filip LesniakTottenham01-07-2017Free
Tamati WilliamsRKC Waalwijk10-09-2017Unknown
Pavol SafrankoFK DAC21-08-2017Unknown
Jacob RinneGent17-08-2017Unknown
Yann Del Pino RolimBarra01-08-2017Loan
Michael LansingVejle BK01-07-2017Unknown
Kristoffer PallesenViborg01-07-2017Unknown
Tetchi Jores Charlemagne Ulrich OkoreFC Copenhagen01-07-2017Unknown
I. LucicBristol City30-01-2017Loan
Jakub SylvestrFC Nurnberg28-01-2017Free
Bardhec BytyqiSkive IK01-07-2018Unknown
Kasper Kusk VangsgaardFC Copenhagen31-01-2018Unknown
Philipp OchsHoffenheim09-08-2018Loan
Lucas AndersenGrasshoppers30-08-2018Loan
Tom van WeertFC Groningen29-08-2018Swap
Nikolaj LyngoJammerbugt01-01-2019Unknown

AaB Transfers Out 2019/2020

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Joakim MahleGenk01-07-2017Unknown
Sebastian GronningHobro IK06-07-2017Unknown
Nicolaj JorgensenHobro IK01-07-2017Unknown
Thomas EnevoldsenNAC Breda30-08-2017Free
M. HolgerssonLorca14-07-2017Free
Casper SlothSilkeborg13-07-2017Unknown
I. LucicBristol City01-07-2017Unknown
C. BassogogHenan Construction20-02-2017Unknown
V. AhlmannJammerbugt01-07-2017Unknown
M. HolgerssonLorca FC14-07-2017Free
Yann Del Pino RolimBarra01-07-2018Unknown
Marco MeilingerSCR Altach12-01-2018Free
Jakub SylvestrBeitar Jerusalem31-01-2018Free
Bardhec BytyqiSkive IK31-01-2018Loan
Pavol SafrankoDundee United10-08-2018Loan
Nikolaj LyngoJammerbugt03-08-2018Loan
Edison Michael Flores PeraltaMonarcas Morelia29-08-2018Unknown
Jannik PohlFC Groningen29-08-2018Swap
Markus IversenThisted01-08-2018Unknown
Lucas AndersenGrasshoppers01-07-2019Unknown
Nikolaj LyngoHartford Ath17-01-2019Free

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