Westerlo Squad 2019/2020

This is the current Westerlo squad - click on any of the Westerlo squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Westerlo player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Westerlo squad list, please contact us.

Westerlo Transfers In 2019/2020

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Carlos StrandbergClub Brugge17-01-2017Loan
Junior Randal Oto'o ZueBraga07-07-2017Loan
Silvere Ganvoula M'boussyAnderlecht31-01-2017Loan
Marko NikolicAIK23-01-2017Free
Ighodaro Christian OsaguonaKV Mechelen29-08-2017Free
Jens NaessensKV Mechelen01-07-2017Free
Michiel JaekenAntwerp01-07-2017Unknown
Lukas Van EenooKV Kortrijk03-01-2018Loan
Noel Naby SoumahGent31-01-2018Loan
Stephen BuylCercle Brugge24-01-2018Loan
C. JanssensGenk05-07-2018Unknown
Guillaume De SchryverCercle Brugge01-07-2018Free
Kurt AbrahamsSTVV21-08-2018Unknown
Nader GhandriAntwerp01-09-2018Unknown
Fabien AntunesSTVV31-08-2018Loan
C. BrülsAE Paphos06-02-2019Unknown
B. ÖzerFenerbahce20-07-2019Loan

Westerlo Transfers Out 2019/2020

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Carlos StrandbergClub Brugge01-07-2017Unknown
E. AcolatseClub Brugge15-06-2017Free
Junior Randal Oto'o ZueBraga01-07-2017Unknown
Silvere Ganvoula M'boussyAnderlecht01-07-2017Unknown
H. MatthysAnderlecht01-07-2017Unknown
Yoni BuyensGenk01-07-2017Unknown
Mixalis ManiasAsteras Tripoli01-01-2017Free
Nemanja MileticPartizan01-07-2017Free
Jordy PefferKV Mechelen30-06-2018Unknown
Ismail H'MaidatRoma01-07-2018Unknown
Noel Naby SoumahGent01-07-2018Unknown
Daan HeymansWaasland-Beveren01-07-2018Unknown

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