VPS Vaasa Squad 2024/2025

This is the current VPS Vaasa squad - click on any of the VPS Vaasa squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that VPS Vaasa player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest VPS Vaasa squad list, please contact us.

VPS Vaasa Transfers In 2024/2025

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Juha HakolaKuPS01-01-2017Unknown
Markus JurgensonFlora Tallinn10-02-2017Unknown
I. GueyeFC Sion15-02-2018Loan
Abdoulaye Ciss El hadjiFC Sion15-02-2018Loan
Marco PriviteraFC Sion26-03-2018Loan
R. LeislahtiFC Honka16-01-2020Free
Joonas VahteraHJK Helsinki26-01-2021Free
Jiri NissinenKuPS13-08-2021Loan

VPS Vaasa Transfers Out 2024/2025

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Nikko BoxallKuPS01-01-2017Unknown
Loorents HertsiFC Lahti01-01-2017Unknown
Ebrima SohnaInter Baku26-01-2018Unknown
Andre ClennonInter Baku21-01-2018Unknown
I. GueyeFC Sion01-07-2018Unknown
Marco PriviteraFC Sion01-07-2018Unknown
Jonas LevanenFC Honka15-02-2018Free
Joonas VahteraHJK Helsinki17-01-2019Free
Juha HakolaFC Honka17-01-2019Free
Timi LahtiFC Lahti16-01-2020Free
Jerry VoutilainenFC Honka16-01-2020Free
Martin KompallaRoPS08-02-2020Free
A. AchenchabFC Honka01-01-2021Free
Peter Godly MichaelCFR Cluj19-01-2024€ 300K
T. ReidSheriff Tiraspol19-01-2024Free
A. CamaraSarpsborg14-02-2024Unknown

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