St Johnstone Squad 2018/2019

This is the current St Johnstone squad - click on any of the St Johnstone squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that St Johnstone player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest St Johnstone squad list, please contact us.

St Johnstone Transfers In 2018/2019

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
Denny JohnstoneColchester United24-08-2017Loan
Michael O'HalloranRangers29-07-2017Loan
Callum HendryBlackburn Rovers01-07-2017Unknown
G. PageBerwick Rangers01-07-2017Unknown
Aaron ComriePeterhead01-07-2017Unknown
C. McLarenStirling Albion01-07-2017Unknown
K. LanderFree Agent01-07-2017Unknown
Stefan ScougallSheffield United17-06-2017Free
E. McCawlForfar Athletic01-06-2017Unknown
M. HurstEast Fife01-06-2017Unknown
Scott TanserPort Vale29-05-2017Unknown
J. KerrEast Fife28-05-2017Unknown
Liam GordonPeterhead21-05-2017Unknown
C. SmithPreston NE31-01-2017Loan
G. HurstBerwick Rangers14-01-2017Unknown
Craig ThomsonStranraer09-01-2017Unknown
C. KaneQueen South01-07-2018Unknown
K. WatsonHartlepool United04-01-2018Unknown
David McMillanDundalk01-01-2018Free
B. MacKenzieEast Fife01-07-2018Unknown
George Christopher WilliamsFulham31-01-2018Loan
M. WillockMan Utd31-01-2018Loan

St Johnstone Transfers Out 2018/2019

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
E. McCawlGlentoran FC31-08-2017Unknown
K. WatsonHartlepool United25-08-2017Loan
C. KaneQueen South11-08-2017Loan
G. HurstEast Fife03-08-2017Loan
M. HurstEast Fife01-08-2017Loan
C. McLarenMontrose22-07-2017Unknown
D. SwansonHibernian01-07-2017Free
Tom ScobbieDundee United01-07-2017Free
C. SmithPreston NE01-06-2017Unknown
C. McLarenStirling Albion05-01-2017Loan
Liam GordonPeterhead05-01-2017Loan
G. PageBerwick Rangers01-01-2017Unknown
M. CoulsonScarborough A08-07-2017Free
P. SimpsonBerwick Rangers17-11-2017Unknown
C. ThomsonStirling Albion25-11-2017Loan
Michael O'HalloranRangers02-01-2018Unknown
Denny JohnstoneColchester United01-07-2018Unknown
A. GilchristShamrock Rovers04-01-2018Unknown
Craig ThomsonEast Fife19-01-2018Unknown
B. MacKenzieEast Fife26-01-2018Loan
D. JardineStirling Albion30-01-2018Loan
M. WillockMan Utd01-06-2018Unknown
G. HurstForfar Athletic31-01-2018Loan
G. CumminsCork City01-01-2018Unknown
P. PatonPlymouth Argyle13-03-2018Free

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