Skonto Riga Squad 2019/2020

This is the current Skonto Riga squad - click on any of the Skonto Riga squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Skonto Riga player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Skonto Riga squad list, please contact us.

Skonto Riga Transfers In 2019/2020

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
A. CaunaCSKA Moscow31-03-2017Unknown
K. DubraBATE Borisov06-08-2017Unknown
L. KovelFC Minsk01-01-2017Unknown
A. FertovsKorona Kielce01-01-2017Unknown
J. GrinbergsSkonto Riga01-01-2017Unknown
B. VachiberadzeReal Betis07-02-2018Unknown
Irakli SikharulidzeSlovacko10-07-2018Free
Nika SandokhadzeKarpaty27-07-2018Unknown
T. ŠimkovicZalgiris Vilnius11-02-2019Unknown
Tomas MalecZalgiris Vilnius01-01-2019Free
Slavko BlagojevicZalgiris Vilnius01-01-2019Free
Vitalijs JagodinskisFK Ventspils01-01-2019Free
Nauris BulvitisFK Ventspils01-01-2019Free

Skonto Riga Transfers Out 2019/2020

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
N. PurinšFK Jelgava01-01-2017Unknown
J. GrinbergsSkonto Riga01-01-2017Unknown
R. UldrikisFC Sion14-07-2018Unknown
K. DubraIrtysh Pavlodar01-01-2019Free
J. KazacoksFK Ventspils01-01-2019Free

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