Modena Squad 2022/2023

This is the current Modena squad - click on any of the Modena squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Modena player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Modena squad list, please contact us.

Modena Transfers In 2022/2023

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
A. DiopTorino18-01-2017Loan
Modou BadjieAtalanta21-07-2017Loan
Matteia PersanoLecce10-08-2017Loan
Matteo SoliniChievo22-08-2017Loan
W. OsujiPadova26-07-2014Free
Thiago CionekPadova24-07-2014Free
F. CariniPadova01-07-2014Unknown
Enrico BearzottiVerona16-07-2019Loan
A. MattioliInter Milan20-07-2019Unknown
R. CargneluttiRoma23-07-2019Unknown
T. TulissiAtalanta07-08-2019Loan
S. PezzellaRoma17-07-2019Loan
M. PreziosoNapoli27-09-2020Loan
G. MonachelloAtalanta03-10-2020Free
Nicholas PieriniSassuolo01-02-2021Loan
F. RenzettiChievo01-07-2021Free
N. BonfantiInter Milan14-07-2021Free
R. OgunseyeCittadella17-07-2021Unknown
F. PonsiFiorentina20-07-2021Unknown

Modena Transfers Out 2022/2023

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
Simon LanerVerona01-07-2017Unknown
Antonio MarinoLecce04-07-2017Free
S. PezzellaRoma01-07-2020Unknown
A. MattioliCittadella01-07-2021Free

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