Farul Squad 2020/2021

This is the current Farul squad - click on any of the Farul squad players to see videos, numbers, stats and pictures of that Farul player. If you have any information or updates of changes to the latest Farul squad list, please contact us.

Farul Squad

Farul Squad: Goalkeepers

Farul Squad: Defenders

Farul Squad: Midfielders

Farul Squad: Forwards

Farul Transfers In 2020/2021

Player From Club Transfer Date Type
J. AgneroSfintul Gheorghe27-07-2018Unknown
E. PacionelSteaua Bucuresti29-01-2019Unknown
?. PacionelSteaua Bucuresti04-02-2019Loan
T. MoldovanSteaua Bucuresti31-01-2019Loan
RafaRio Ave15-02-2019Free
M. EhmannDinamo Bucuresti13-02-2019Loan
D. TomaSteaua Bucuresti22-02-2019Loan
Romeo Constantin SurduMilsami-Ursidos22-03-2019Free
Vlad Ionu? Mu?iuDinamo Bucuresti12-07-2019Free
A. BodeaSteaua Bucuresti23-07-2019Loan
S. CanaSteaua Bucuresti18-07-2019Loan
R. Baciu?Steaua Bucuresti15-07-2019Loan
A. NicolaSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Loan
M. MitrovSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Loan
R. ZamfirSteaua Bucuresti01-08-2019Loan
C. AndreiSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Loan
L. ArdeleanSteaua Bucuresti30-01-2020Loan
M. EsanuDinamo Bucuresti30-01-2020Loan
I. PirciuSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Loan
V. SerbanescuSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Loan

Farul Transfers Out 2020/2021

Player To Club Transfer Date Type
T. MoldovanSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Unknown
?. PacionelSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Unknown
M. EhmannDinamo Bucuresti01-07-2019Unknown
D. TomaSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2019Unknown
M. PopaAstra Giurgiu01-09-2019Free
R. Baciu?Steaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Unknown
R. ZamfirSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Unknown
A. BodeaSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Unknown
S. CanaSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Unknown
Diogo Jorge RosadoConcordia Chiajna23-01-2020Unknown
L. ArdeleanSteaua Bucuresti01-07-2020Unknown

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