Jessy Moulin St Etienne

Jessy Moulin of St Etienne
St Etienne badge St Etienne France France
Squad number30
PositionGoalkeeper - Goalkeeper
Old club:St Etienne
Born in:Valence, France

Jessy Moulin Transfers & Career History

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12017-20180(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12016-20176(0)01
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12015-20160(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12014-20150(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12013-20140(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12012-20130(0)00
ClermontLigue 22011-20122(1)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12011-20120(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12010-20113(1)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12008-20090(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneLigue 12007-20080(0)00

Jessy Moulin Club Career History - Cups

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2016-20170(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2016-20171(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2015-20161(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2015-20160(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2014-20150(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2014-20150(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2013-20140(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2013-20141(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2012-20130(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2012-20131(0)00
ClermontCoupe de France2011-20122(0)00
ClermontCoupe de la Ligue2011-20120(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de la Ligue2010-20110(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneCoupe de France2010-20110(0)00

Jessy Moulin Club Career - European/International Cups

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
Saint-ÉtienneUEFA Europa League2016-20174(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneUEFA Europa League2015-20161(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneUEFA Europa League2014-20150(0)00
Saint-ÉtienneUEFA Europa League2013-20140(0)00

Jessy Moulin International Career

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off

Jessy Moulin Trophies Won

France - Coupe de la LigueWinner2012-2013

Jessy Moulin Injuries & Suspensions

Suspended 18/12/2016 to 09/01/2017
Illness 12/03/2015 to 31/03/2015

Jessy Moulin Videos

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Club: St Etienne

St Etienne
France Saint-Etienne, France

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