Bursaspor vs Mersin Idmanyurdu Head-to-Head Record

This page lists the head-to-head record of Mersin Idmanyurdu vs Bursaspor including biggest victories and defeats between the two sides, and H2H stats in all competitions.

Overall H2H Record - Summary

TotalBursasporMersin IdmanyurduDraws

Club: Bursaspor

Turkey Bursa, Turkey
  • Super Lig
  • Bursaspor
  • Nickname: Yesil Timsahlar
  • Timsah Arena (25213)
  • League Position: 0th
  • Coach:

Club: Mersin Idmanyurdu

Mersin Idmanyurdu
Turkey Turkey
  • Super Lig
  • Mersin Idmanyurdu
  • Nickname: Kirmizi Seytanlar
  • Tevfik Sirri Gur (10128)
  • League Position: 0th
  • Coach: S. Hazimoglu