Sex, respect and a big mistake: who gave these quotes this season?

Nick Miller on 20 May 2019
  1. Who said: "Three for me and two for them, two. So respect man, respect, respect, respect"?

    1. Pep Guardiola

    2. José Mourinho

    3. Jürgen Klopp

    4. Zinedine Zidane

  2. "It was the right decision. He made a big mistake and paid with the club, so then he had to pay with the team ... When you are young, you can make mistakes. The most important thing is that you need to understand very well, after every mistake. So now, for me, the issue is closed"

    1. Mauricio Pochettino

    2. Unai Emery

    3. Brendan Rodgers

    4. Maurizio Sarri

  3. "Ips ... Isspw ... Isspitch ... Isswitch ... OK, I give up"

    1. Daniel Farke

    2. Aitor Karanka

    3. Marcelo Bielsa

    4. Steve McClaren

  4. "I have had enough. At the minute, how I've programmed myself now, I just think that I've got five or six more years left in football and I just can't wait to see the back of it, seeing how things are done in the game at the minute"

    1. Raheem Sterling

    2. Paul Pogba

    3. Danny Rose

    4. Álvaro Morata

  5. "We scored a perfectly good goal to make it 2-0 and the game is done and dusted. We won the game, but the officials cost us two points today ... You go on about VAR this and VAR that, help the officials out. Clearly they need help. We play in the Premier League, the best league in the world, the most watched league in the world. So give them all the help they need because clearly they cost us two points today. It's a joke"

    1. Neil Warnock

    2. Charlie Austin

    3. Glenn Murray

    4. Jamie Vardy

  6. "Mo Salah, you little dancer!"

    1. Jurgen Klopp

    2. John Aldridge

    3. Graeme Sounness

    4. Jamie Carragher

  7. "I prefer the sex ... by far"

    1. Roy Hodgson

    2. Mauricio Pochettino

    3. Jürgen Klopp

    4. Pep Guardiola

  8. "I've got three very questions for you: How long you would you like on your contract? What would your salary be? And where would you like the statue?"

    1. Gary Neville

    2. Gary Lineker

    3. Alan Shearer

    4. Jamie Carragher

  9. "It’s 10 past 10, most of the children are in bed ... these boys are fucking mentality giants – it's unbelievable. If you have to fine me, fine me. I'm not native so I don't have better words for it."

    1. Mauricio Pochettino

    2. José Mourinho

    3. Jürgen Klopp

    4. Ole Gunnar Solskjær

  10. "I wouldn’t believe a word he says. I don’t believe he does. The guy is a talented boy, but the number of times I’ve seen him in games not running back. He’s a big problem for United. And my eyes don’t lie to me."

    1. José Mourinho

    2. Roy Keane

    3. Gary Neville

    4. Graeme Souness


1:B - Mourinho reacted in measured fashion after Manchester United’s 3-0 defeat to Tottenham, pointing out that – at that stage – he had won more Premier League titles than the other managers in the division combined., 2:D - After Kepa Arrizabalaga declined to be substituted in the League Cup final, the Chelsea manager laid down the law., 3:C - The Leeds manager struggled with the pronunciation of opponents Ipswich, before throwing in the towel., 4:C - Frustrated at the lack of action against racism in the game, Rose said he was done with football in April., 5:B - The Southampton forward went on a slightly squeaky rant after his side had a goal disallowed against Watford in November., 6:D - The former Liverpool defender caused some spittle-flecked fury when he greeted Salah’s late winner over Tottenham in March. , 7:D - When it was put to him that Dani Alves said his coaching was “better than sex”, Guardiola outlined his priorities., 8:A - After Manchester United produced a glorious comeback to beat PSG in the Champions League, Gary got a bit carried away about Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s abilities. , 9:C - Following Liverpool’s comeback win over Barcelona in the Champions League, Klopp pulled out the f-bomb. , 10:B - Roy is not a big fan of Paul Pogba, it seems.


  1. 1 and above.

    Oh dear

  2. 2 and above.

    Oh dear

  3. 3 and above.

    Oh dear

  4. 4 and above.


  5. 5 and above.

    A respectable score

  6. 6 and above.

    That's an impressive score

  7. 7 and above.

    That's a very impressive score

  8. 8 and above.

    That's a very impressive score

  9. 9 and above.

    You were brilliant but just missed out – like Liverpool

  10. 0 and above.

    Oh dear

  11. 10 and above.

    You've almost done too well there

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