Quiz: How well do you know the World Cup mascots?

John Ashdown on 12 July 2018
  1. Who is this striking figure hanging out with Bobby Robson?

    1. Golazzo

    2. Ciao

    3. Calcio

    4. Novanta

  2. Fuleco

    Fuleco, a pretty underwhelming armadillo whose name was a portmanteau of "futebol” and “ecologia", was the mascot for Brazil 2014. He looks harmless but how did he cause controversy during the tournament?

    1. Being caught on camera littering in Belo Horizonte

    2. Being caught on camera bumping and grinding with several dancers in a rather inappropriate way

    3. Being caught on camera giving the finger (well, claw) to a supporter during Brazil's 7-1 defeat to Germany

    4. Being caught on camera urinating in a park close to the Maracanã

  3. Spain 1982 brought this cheerful chap into our lives. What was his name?

    1. Juanito

    2. Pelota

    3. Naranjito

    4. Hombrecito

  4. Rather unusually, the South Korean mascots – Nik, Kaz and Ato – didn't play football in their series of cartoons that accompanied the tournament. Which football-like sport did they play?

    1. Superball

    2. Atmoball

    3. Moneyball

    4. Goalball

  5. That high-tech trio were a deliberate move away from the "crude and two-dimensional" (Fifa's words) mascot of France 98. What was his name?

    1. Footix

    2. Voila

    3. Gallik

    4. Coq

  6. Pique was the face of Mexico 1986, with Fifa attempting to tick off as many lazy stereotypes as possible. What was under the sombrero?

    1. A cactus

    2. A jalapeño pepper

    3. An avocado

    4. A prickly pear

  7. This not-at-all awkward photo features the mascot from Argentina 1978 as its centrepiece. What was his name? (The mascot that is, not the uncomfortable-looking child actor.)

    1. Gringo

    2. Pepe

    3. Poco Franco

    4. Gauchito

  8. Meet Zakumi! The mascot for the 2010 tournament "will be first on the dancefloor and last off it at the biggest party in the world" according to Fifa's blurb. He also starred in a series of cartoons with a small red bird ominously named …

    1. Master Fifa

    2. Big Brother

    3. Sepp

    4. King Referee

  9. USA! USA!! USA!!! Loveable mutt Striker took up the reins in 1994. What was his full name?

    1. Striker, the Fifa Retriever

    2. Striker, the World Cup Pup

    3. Striker, the Goalhound

    4. Striker, the midfield terrier

  10. An all-time low? Shambolic found-in-the-bin lion costume, nightmarish coming-to-get-you-when-you-sleep boggle-eyed ball sidekick and a clunky name so dull they added a ridiculous regnal number in an attempt to jazz it up. Who is this?

    1. Goleo VI

    2. Goleo IV

    3. Goleo XVI

    4. Goleo XX


1:B - Italia 90's mascot is surely up there with very best., 2:B - According to Fifa, Fuleco was "really sociable, loves dancing and all types of music." Clearly, 3:C - Because he's an orange., 4:B - These three "particles of energy" also lived "high in the sky in a place called Atmozone". Seriously., 5:A - And not for the first time Fifa were wrong. He was great., 6:B - His name derives from "picante", the Spanish word for spicy, and is a pun on the "PK" abbreviation for penalty kick. , 7:D - Gauchito was criticised for looking too like Juanito, the mascot for the 1970 World Cup in Mexico., 8:A - Yep. Self-awareness isn't one of Fifa's strong points., 9:B - In the early drafts, Striker was seen carrying the ball under his arm but then someone pointed out that was against the laws of football., 10:A - Fifa say his name is "derived from his father's encouraging cries of 'Go Leo, Go!' during football matches". Which just shows HE ALREADY HAD A NAME.


  1. 10 and above.

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner

  2. 9 and above.

    So close!

  3. 8 and above.

    Champions League level

  4. 7 and above.

    Europa League level

  5. 6 and above.

    Just outside the European places

  6. 5 and above.

    Mid-table safety

  7. 4 and above.

    Plenty to work on

  8. 3 and above.

    Below average

  9. 2 and above.

    Pretty poor

  10. 0 and above.


  11. 1 and above.

    Not great

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