Football quiz: stadiums of yore

John Ashdown on 25 March 2020
  1. Who are the only British club to have played home matches in a stadium that has also hosted gigs by U2, the Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson and the Spice Girls as well as a World Student Games?

    1. Tottenham

    2. MK Dons

    3. West Ham

    4. Rotherham

  2. Whose old ground featured the "Chocolate Boxes" – the only uncovered upper-tier terracing in British football?

    1. Southampton

    2. Tottenham

    3. Brighton

    4. Sunderland

  3. Whose former ground derives its name from a 20-ton rock that may have been a place of worship for ancient druids?

    1. Brighton

    2. Barnet

    3. Swansea

    4. Southampton

  4. Which two bird-nicknamed clubs started life in the Football League at grounds called The Nest?

    1. Bristol City and Swindon Town

    2. Cardiff and Brighton

    3. Crystal Palace and Norwich City

    4. Swansea City and Sheffield Wednesday

  5. In January 1990 Ramsline Halt, a single-platform railway station, was built at a cost of £26,000 next to Derby County's Baseball Ground. How many trains ever stopped there?

    1. Zero

    2. Four

    3. Several hundred

    4. Three a day ever since

  6. At which football ground would you have found “The Chicken Run”?

    1. Upton Park

    2. Maine Road

    3. Highbury

    4. Belle Vue

  7. There’s a small bronze sculpture in the middle of a housing estate marking the exact spot from which North Korea’s Pak Doo-ik struck his famous winner against Italy in the 1966 World Cup. On the site of which ground does it stand?

    1. Burnden Park

    2. White City Stadium

    3. Roker Park

    4. Ayresome Park

  8. Whose recently vacated old ground was very nearly called Percy Park when it opened in 1899?

    1. West Ham

    2. Manchester City

    3. Tottenham

    4. Arsenal

  9. Which club used to play at a ground known as The Kursaal, an amusement park on the town’s seafront?

    1. Southend United

    2. Portsmouth

    3. Southampton

    4. Plymouth

  10. Which stadium had a record crowd of 75,118 in 1933 but when it closed in 1997 a capacity of only 22,500?

    1. Christie Park

    2. Highbury

    3. Roker Park

    4. Elm Park


1:D - The Millers' four-year stay at the Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield came between leaving Millmoor and heading to the New York Stadium. The 1991 World Student Games at the venue remains the only one hosted in the UK., 2:A - The three precarious-looking concrete platforms at the Dell were taken down in 1981., 3:A - The old Goldstone Ground was named after the huge slab of sandstone and flint that, so the legend goes, was placed in Hove by Satan., 4:C - The Eagles flew The Nest for Selhurst Park in the 1920s and the Canaries left their Nest in 1935., 5:B - The station was used sporadically for away fans on Football Special services and closed when the Rams moved to Pride Park in 1997., 6:A - It was the pitchside section of the East Stand at the Boleyn Ground. , 7:D - The housing development in Middlesbrough has roads named The Midfield and The Turnstile. , 8:C - Harry Hotspur's real name was Henry Percy – but instead the club went with “the High Road Ground”, which within a couple of decades had given way to “White Hart Lane”., 9:A - The club played at the fair, a version of which is still a prominent feature in Southend, between 1919 and 1934. There was a water slide behind one of the goals, which must’ve been a tempting alternative during dull matches., 10:C - Sunderland's old ground had its capacity drastically reduced in the wake of the Taylor report.


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