Football quiz: runaway title winners

Niall McVeigh on 14 February 2020
  1. Liverpool are 22 points clear at the top of the league and look all but certain to win their 19th league title. What is the highest number of points they have won the league by?

    1. 21 points

    2. 16 points

    3. 11 points

    4. Six points

  2. Manchester City set a new Premier League record when they finished 19 points above second place in the 2017-18 season. Which of these landmarks did they fail to achieve that season?

    1. One hundred points

    2. One hundred goals

    3. Domestic treble

    4. Record number of consecutive wins

  3. Which Serie A side hold the record for the biggest winning margin in a league season?

    1. Juventus

    2. Inter

    3. Milan

    4. Verona

  4. Skonto won which Baltic league by 27 points in 1997, going unbeaten and conceding just eight goals?

    1. Lithuania

    2. Latvia

    3. Estonia

    4. Finland

  5. In Scotland, how many points did Celtic finish clear of second-placed Aberdeen in 2016-17?

    1. 25

    2. 30

    3. 35

    4. 40

  6. Who was the PSG manager when they won Ligue 1 by 31 points in 2015-16 and set a new European record?

    1. Unai Emery

    2. Paul Le Guen

    3. Carlo Ancelotti

    4. Laurent Blanc

  7. Reading roared to Championship glory back in 2005-06, finishing on 106 points. All the more impressive considering ...

    1. Their record signing missed the entire season through injury

    2. Their manager left for an international job in December

    3. They began the season with a three-point deduction

    4. They lost their first home game of the season

  8. Manchester United won the title in April in the 1999-2000 season and finished 18 points clear of second place. Who were the runners-up?

    1. Arsenal

    2. Chelsea

    3. Leeds United

    4. Aston Villa

  9. Leicester were just two points clear at Christmas in the season when they pulled off their fairytale title win. How many points clear were they at the end of the season?

    1. Two

    2. Five

    3. 10

    4. 12

  10. And finally, Perugia shocked Serie A in 1978-79 by going the entire season unbeaten. How many points did they win the league by?

    1. 20

    2. 10

    3. None. They won it on goal difference

    4. They came second


1:C - They finished 11 points clear of Watford in 1982-83, Bob Paisley's final season in charge., 2:C - They lost in the FA Cup to Wigan – still City's most recent defeat in a domestic cup., 3:B - Inter finished 22 points clear of Roma in 2006-07. Juventus, who were in Serie B at the time, only won the league by six points., 4:B - The Riga side have won the first 14 Latvian titles, but have since gone out of business., 5:B - Yikes. They played 38 games, won 34 of them, drew four and lost none., 6:D - He was sacked at the end of the season, following the club's 'failure' in Europe, 7:D - Plymouth beat the Royals 2-1 on the opening day. Reading would only lose one more match that season., 8:A - Leeds finished third., 9:C - Claudio Ranieri's flying Foxes amassed 81 points, with second-placed Arsenal adrift on 71., 10:D - Drawing 19 out of 30 games cost the upstarts, as they finished three points behind Milan.


  1. 1 and above.

    You couldn't last the pace

  2. 2 and above.

    You couldn't last the pace

  3. 3 and above.

    You couldn't last the pace

  4. 5 and above.

    You faltered at the finish line

  5. 6 and above.

    You faltered at the finish line

  6. 8 and above.

    One hand on the trophy

  7. 9 and above.

    One hand on the trophy

  8. 10 and above.

    Champions by Christmas

  9. 7 and above.

    One hand on the trophy

  10. 0 and above.

    You couldn't last the pace

  11. 4 and above.

    You faltered at the finish line

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