Hilton Montpellier

Profile of the Brazilian footballer Hilton, a defender at Montpellier. The 40-year old Hilton joined Montpellier from Marseille and wears the number 4 shirt.

Hilton of Montpellier
Montpellier badge Montpellier Brazil Brazil
Squad number4
PositionDefender - Defender
Old club:Marseille
Born in:Brasília, Brazil

Hilton Club Career History

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
MontpellierLigue 12017-20183(0)00
MontpellierLigue 12016-201732(0)10
MontpellierLigue 12015-201636(0)11
MontpellierLigue 12014-201537(0)31
MontpellierLigue 12013-201430(0)31
MontpellierLigue 12012-201330(0)10
MontpellierLigue 12011-201235(1)11
Olympique MarseilleLigue 12011-20120(0)00
Olympique MarseilleLigue 12010-20118(2)00
Olympique MarseilleLigue 12009-201012(3)10
Olympique MarseilleLigue 12008-200936(0)10
LensLigue 12007-200823(0)20
LensLigue 12006-200719(0)20
LensLigue 12005-200635()20
ServetteSuper League2002-200329()00
ServetteSuper League2001-200215()10

Hilton Club Career History - Cups

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
MontpellierCoupe de la Ligue2016-20171(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de France2016-20171(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de la Ligue2014-20151(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de France2014-20151(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de la Ligue2013-20141(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de France2013-20141(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de la Ligue2012-20132(1)00
MontpellierCoupe de France2012-20132(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de la Ligue2011-20121(0)00
MontpellierCoupe de France2011-20123(0)00
Olympique MarseilleCoupe de la Ligue2010-20110(0)00
Olympique MarseilleCoupe de la Ligue2009-20103(1)00
Olympique MarseilleCoupe de France2009-20101(0)00

Hilton Club Career - European/International Cups

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off
MontpellierUEFA Champions League2012-20135(1)00
Olympique MarseilleUEFA Champions League2010-20111(0)00
Olympique MarseilleUEFA Champions League2009-20102(0)10
Olympique MarseilleUEFA Europa League2009-20101(0)00
Olympique MarseilleUEFA Champions League2008-20098(0)00
Olympique MarseilleUEFA Europa League2008-20096(1)00

Hilton International Career

ClubLeagueSeasonsApps(sub)GoalsSent off

Hilton Trophies Won

France - Ligue 1Winner2011-2012, 2009-2010
France - Ligue 12nd Place2010-2011, 2008-2009
Brazil - Serie BWinner2000
France - Coupe de la LigueWinner2010-2011, 2009-2010
France - Coupe de la Ligue2nd Place2007-2008
France - Trophée des ChampionsWinner2011-2012, 2010-2011
France - Trophée des Champions2nd Place2012-2013
Brazil - Paranaense 12nd Place2001, 2000

Hilton Injuries & Suspensions

Thigh Injury (Hip) 01/07/2017 to 18/08/2017
Thigh Injury (Hip) 04/12/2016 to 15/12/2016
Suspended 04/10/2016 to 17/10/2016
Thigh Muscle Strain 28/08/2016 to 16/09/2016
Suspended 28/04/2016 to 02/05/2016
Suspended 22/12/2015 to 04/01/2016
Suspended 26/05/2015 to 12/08/2015
Suspended 03/05/2015 to 11/05/2015
Thigh Muscle Strain 03/05/2014 to 09/05/2014
Suspended 25/03/2014 to 01/04/2014
Thigh Muscle Strain 21/03/2014 to 28/03/2014
Suspended 07/12/2013 to 14/12/2013
Twisted Knee 31/10/2013 to 22/11/2013
Thigh Muscle Strain 10/05/2013 to 30/05/2013
Groin Strain 10/11/2012 to 20/11/2012

Club: Montpellier

France Montpellier, France

Hilton Videos

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