Aritz Aduriz Athletic Bilbao

Aritz Aduriz of Athletic Bilbao
Athletic Bilbao badge Athletic Bilbao   Spain
Squad number20
PositionForward - Striker
Old club:Valencia
Transfer fee:€3.0M
Born in:San Sebastián, Spain
Scored5 goals this season.
Athletic ClubLa Liga2017-201823(7)8
Athletic ClubLa Liga2016-201732(5)16
Athletic ClubLa Liga2015-201634(4)20
Athletic ClubLa Liga2014-201531(1)18
Athletic ClubLa Liga2013-201431(5)16
Athletic ClubLa Liga2012-201336(3)14
ValenciaLa Liga2011-201229(18)7
ValenciaLa Liga2010-201129(9)10
MallorcaLa Liga2009-201034(1)12
MallorcaLa Liga2008-200935(2)11
Athletic ClubLa Liga2007-200833(13)7
Athletic ClubLa Liga2006-200734(7)9
Athletic ClubLa Liga2005-200615(2)6
Real ValladolidLa Liga2005-200614(0)6
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2017-20181(1)0
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2016-20174(1)1
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2015-20165(1)2
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2014-20159(4)5
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2013-20145(2)2
Athletic ClubCopa del Rey2012-20132(2)1
ValenciaCopa del Rey2011-20126(3)1
ValenciaCopa del Rey2010-20112(0)2
MallorcaCopa del Rey2009-20104(1)1
Athletic ClubUEFA Europa League2017-201811(2)10
Athletic ClubClub Friendlies20170(0)0
Athletic ClubUEFA Europa League2016-20176(1)7
Athletic ClubClub Friendlies20161(1)0
Athletic ClubUEFA Europa League2015-201614(1)10
Athletic ClubUEFA Europa League2014-20151(0)0
Athletic ClubUEFA Champions League2014-20157(2)3
Athletic ClubUEFA Europa League2012-20136(5)3
ValenciaUEFA Champions League2011-20124(0)1
ValenciaUEFA Europa League2011-20126(2)0
ValenciaUEFA Champions League2010-20118(3)2
SpainWC Qualification Europe20183(1)1
SpainEuropean Championship20163(1)0
SpainEC Qualification20160(0)0
SpainEC Qualification20121(0)0
Spain - Copa del Rey2nd Place2014-2015
Spain - Super CupWinner2015-2016
Suspended 10/02/2018 to 19/02/2018
Hamstring 20/02/2017 to 11/03/2017
Suspended 15/01/2017 to 23/01/2017
Suspended 29/11/2016 to 05/12/2016
Foot Injury (Ankle) 21/10/2016 to 29/10/2016
Hamstring 15/04/2016 to 26/04/2016
Suspended 10/01/2016 to 18/01/2016
Shoulder Injury 01/05/2015 to 05/05/2015
Suspended 10/04/2015 to 13/04/2015
Unknown 15/03/2015 to 03/04/2015
Suspended 22/12/2014 to 04/01/2015
Hamstring 05/12/2014 to 09/12/2014
Hamstring 04/11/2014 to 20/11/2014
Hamstring 03/10/2014 to 15/10/2014
Pubalgia 07/05/2014 to 15/07/2014
Suspended 18/03/2014 to 23/03/2014
Suspended 17/02/2014 to 24/02/2014
Suspended 10/11/2012 to 02/12/2013
Suspended 02/06/2013 to 18/08/2013
Suspended 09/04/2013 to 15/04/2013
Suspended 18/11/2012 to 26/11/2012