Football quiz: when Manchester United won the 2008 Champions League final

Paul Campbell on 3 June 2020
  1. Manchester United did not lose a game in the Champions League that season (the most recent winners who can say that). Which team beat Chelsea over 90 minutes earlier in the competition?

    1. Liverpool

    2. Fenerbahçe

    3. Schalke

    4. Olympiakos

  2. What was the local time in Moscow when the game kicked off?

    1. 5.45pm

    2. 9pm

    3. 10.45pm

    4. 11.30pm

  3. Which member of the Chelsea squad had already scored in a Champions League final before the game kicked off?

    1. Michael Ballack

    2. Nicolas Anelka

    3. Juliano Belletti

    4. Michael Essien

  4. Manchester United Celebrate Winning The UEFA Champions League<br>MOSCOW, RUSSIA - MAY 22: (EXCLUSIVE ACCESS - MINIMUM PRICING OF 250GBP OR LOCAL EQUIVALENT) Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United poses with the UEFA Champions League trophy and the FA Barclays Premier League trophy after winning the UEFA Champions League Final match between Manchester United and Chelsea at Luzhniki Stadium on May 22 2008 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by John Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

    How many times did Alex Ferguson select the starting XI that he picked for this final?

    1. One

    2. Three

    3. Six

    4. Nine

  5. Which players started at right-back?

    1. Rafael and Ashley Cole

    2. Fabio and Branislav Ivanovic

    3. Wes Brown and Michael Essien

    4. Mikaël Silvestre and Paulo Ferreira

  6. Who scored in the game and the penalty shootout?

    1. Cristiano Ronaldo

    2. Frank Lampard

    3. Ryan Giggs

    4. No one

  7. Who was the last player to touch the ball that night?

    1. John Terry

    2. Nicolas Anelka

    3. Ryan Giggs

    4. Edwin van der Sar

  8. Images From The Book The Chelsea team, Including German player Michael Ballack (centre), react as John Terry misses what would have been the winning penalty in the shoot-out against Manchester United in the Champions League Final at the Luzhniki Stadium on May 21st 2008 in Moscow, Russia. (Photo by Tom Jenkins/Getty Images). An image from the book "In The Moment" published June 2012">

    There were 14 penalties in the shootout. Who would have taken the 15th?

    1. Rio Ferdinand

    2. Nemanja Vidic

    3. Owen Hargreaves

    4. Carlos Tevez

  9. This was the first all-English Champions League final, but not necessarily the first final between two clubs from the same country. Which country was the first to provide two finalists in the same year?

    1. Italy

    2. France

    3. Germany

    4. Spain

  10. Which of these anniversaries did Manchester United observe in 2008?

    1. 40 years since they won their first European Cup

    2. 50 years since the Munich Air Disaster

    3. 100 years since they first won the league

    4. All of the above

  11. Fourteen Chelsea players made it on to the pitch that night. How many of them retired without having won the Champions League?

    1. None

    2. Two

    3. Four

    4. Six

  12. When looking back at the final two decades later, Alex Ferguson said he had one regret about the night. What was it?

    1. That he forgot to set his TV to record the game

    2. That he did not deliver a line as iconic as “football, bloody hell” for the post-match interview

    3. That he did not learn some Russian to speak to Vladimir Putin

    4. That he did not find a place for Park Ji-Sung on the bench

  13. Which Chelsea player followed up losing the Champions League final by losing the European Championship final a month later?

    1. Juan Mata

    2. Michael Ballack

    3. Claude Makélélé

    4. Nicolas Anelka

  14. What went wrong for United during their celebrations?

    1. Rio Ferdinand dropped and damaged the cup and it had to be taken away to be fixed

    2. Their team bus broke down on the way to their after party

    3. There power went off in the stadium at 2am and they had to light candles in the dressing room

    4. They could not find any champagne

  15. Why was Ferguson given "plenty of stick by the players" at the after party?

    1. He said it was the 'happiest moment of his life' and his wife did not look amused

    2. He had sworn on live TV after the game

    3. He was wearing trainers

    4. He got a little drunk and nearly fell off a chair while giving a speech


1:B - Chelsea lost the first leg of their quarter-final against Fenerbahçe (Colin Kazim-Richards opened the scoring) before turning it around in the second leg at Stamford Bridge., 2:C - It was the first Champions League final to start in one day and finish in the next., 3:C - Belletti had an impressive record in Champions League finals. He came off the bench and scored the winner for Barcelona when they won the trophy in 2006 and, in this final, he came on as a substitute for Chelsea in the last minute of extra time and scored in the shootout., 4:A - Just that game; never before or after., 5:C - Essien was moved from the centre of midfield to mark Cristiano Ronaldo, who played on the left for United., 6:B - Ronaldo also scored in normal time, but he missed his penalty in the shootout. “It would have been the worst day of my life, but it is the best day in my life,” he said later., 7:D - Van der Sar saved Anelka’s penalty to give United victory. He was given Uefa’s official man of the match award for his efforts., 8:A - Ferdinand, who captained United on the night, later revealed: “I was next, so I was fucking happy Edwin saved Anelka’s penalty. My legs were jelly and I didn’t know what was going to happen. I wouldn’t have scored. I was too nervous. When we finally won, the feeling was unbelievable. The only way I’ve described it is if you could bottle that emotion and sell it, you’d become a billionaire. You don’t get that feeling anywhere else. To be a football player and conquer that – it’s fucking mad.”, 9:D - There have been seven finals between clubs from the same country: Real Madrid v Valencia in 2000, Milan v Juventus in 2003, Chelsea v United in 2008, Bayern Munich v Borussia Dortmund in 2013, Real Madrid v Atlético Madrid in 2014 and 2016, and Liverpool v Tottenham in 2019., 10:D - It was also the night Ryan Giggs made his 759th appearance for United, overtaking Bobby Charlton’s all-time record for the club. Uefa gave Charlton a medal at the final, but he declined to keep it and instead donated it to the club’s museum., 11:B - Just Joe Cole and Michael Ballack., 12:D - Park had started both semi-finals, so was bitterly disappointed to be left out. "I had one of my saddest moments when I found out I wasn’t in the squad for the Champions League final against Chelsea. I was disappointed before, but then once the game started I was just praying for us to win. The atmosphere in our dressing room was like that. After everything, we won the Champions League, so nobody can blame anybody.", 13:B - Ballack, who wore the No 13 shirt, also lost the League Cup final that year., 14:D - Ferguson later recalled: "There was no champagne in the Luzhniki Stadium. In the absence of the real stuff, staff were dispatched to a bar to buy some kind of fizzy liquid. Heaven knows what it was. Whatever was in those bottles, we shook it about and made a fuss. There was a lot of hilarity and nonsense.", 15:C - "I always remember, too, that the rain had drenched and ruined my shoes, so I attended the victory party in trainers, for which I took plenty of stick from the players," he wrote in his autobiography. "I should have packed a spare pair," added Ferguson who noted that the food at the buffet was "poor".


  1. 1 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  2. 3 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  3. 2 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  4. 5 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  5. 4 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  6. 6 and above.

    You made it to the final but lost on penalties

  7. 7 and above.

    You made it to the final but lost on penalties

  8. 8 and above.

    You made it to the final but lost on penalties

  9. 9 and above.

    You made it to the final but lost on penalties

  10. 10 and above.

    You made it to the final but lost on penalties

  11. 11 and above.

    Sir Alex, is that you?

  12. 12 and above.

    Sir Alex, is that you?

  13. 13 and above.

    Sir Alex, is that you?

  14. 14 and above.

    Sir Alex, is that you?

  15. 0 and above.

    JT, is that you?

  16. 15 and above.

    Sir Alex, is that you?

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